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Re: Running Debian

On 3 Nov 1996, Tom Fawcett wrote:

> As someone who has thought about rewriting dselect into a huge graphical
> thing that won't run on a terminal -- why?
> Package management is a hairy task involving a lot of information, and
> doing it on a 24x80 screen is almost painful.  I appreciate the need to
> have a bare-bones package selection program that is small enough to cram
> onto a bootdisk and runs on a console.  It would be a shame if that need
> restrained any development of a better package manager.
> So maybe it's time to have two -- dselect and xselect.

How about a SVGALIB based program?  That should fit on a floppy.
Now we have a possible three!:)  dselect, xselect, and vselect

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