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Re: Running Debian

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, George Bonser wrote:

> In article <Pine.LNX.3.94.961103120940.1660B-100000@dst.dsnc.net>,
> 	Daniel Stringfield <servo@jax-inter.net> writes:
> > 
> > How about a SVGALIB based program?  That should fit on a floppy.
> > Now we have a possible three!:)  dselect, xselect, and vselect
> > 
> Kind of like make config, make menuconfig and make xconfig
> I agree that there should be some kind of bare-bones select for installation
> but I think dselect has gotten to the 10-lbs in a 5-lb bag stage. I would
> go for a select that installs the required packages then runs mselect 
> (menu-select) or xselect to pick and choose the other stuff.
> Colors can be useful to convey information without additional characters
> causing information overload though that would limit the utility of the 
> program for people with poor color vision. Red in uppercase meaning purge,
> red in lowercase meaning remove, yellow meaning dependancy problem (uppercase
> is required, lowercase suggest), green means add or install, white or black
> means hold and blue means that the package has a newer version available but
> is not currently selected to be changed.
> It then works a lot like color-ls. If you are doing a quick scan for new 
> packages, they stand out in blue. You can see at a glance what select pre-
> selected for you because it is green, no more overwriting a package accidently.
> Just some thoughts. Maybe some of this can be done without X using ansi.

NCURSES or SLANG, possibly? (isn't slang similiar to ncurses? Kick me if
its not)  OR like I said, something based on SVGAlib... (which does not
use X)

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