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Re: Network questions

On 26 Oct 1996, Bill Vinson wrote:

> The ethernet solution seems to be working so far.  I now have gotten
> to the part of the installation that asks about the network you are
> on.  I will only have 2 computers (Linux and mac) on this network
> and the Linux box will dial in to my ISP for its IP address, which
> the ISP selects, so it is different every time.  I don't know quite
> what to put for domain name and address, etc. b/c I do not have an
> already established net.  I will eventually be doing IP Masquerading
> per this lists suggestion, but for right now I thought I might start
> with just getting the network and the PPP connection working... ;-) I
> did install modules (which now work) for PPP, NE2000, etc.  None of
> the HOW TOs or FAQs seem to address my situation.  Can anyone offer
> any help or a pointer to information?

If you don't have your own class C routed to you via your ISP (or even a
subnet allocated by your ISP) then you should use a private network.  There
are class A, B, and C networks reserved for private use which will never be
routed by the internet...so they are safe for anyone to use.  It's too early
in the morning for me to be able to remember the RFC which defines
these...try hunting at yahoo or altavista if you want more details.

Try using 192.168.1 addresses.

This is starting to be a FAQ.  Maybe it should be the default on the base
install disks?

Masquerading will work well with this - just make sure you have firewalling
and masquerading compiled into your kernel, and use ipfwadm to control the
masquerading options.

When you are dialed into your ISP, your linux box will have two ip
addresses, one for the ethernet interface (e.g., and one
for the PPP interface (dynamically assigned by your ISP).

For domain name, put in your ISP's domain name - whatever you want your mail
and news From: addresses to be.  Actually, it doesn't really matter what
the domain name is, as long as sendmail or smail etc are configured to
masquerade all outbound mail using your ISP's mailhost's name.


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