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How to interrupt the boot process?

Hello all,

I just made a *BIG* mistake on my Debian Linux box resulting in not being
able to boot that machine anymore... Some problems with lilo and a custom
kernel not finding his modules (that also claim to have unresolved symbols).
The machine boots until it hangs when trying to access non-existent devices,
but after starting some user level daemons already. Falling back to
a working kernel doesn't work since I made an error configuring lilo.
Booting from the custom floppy resulted in going to the hard disk and then
continuing with the normal boot process. Booting the stock installation
floppy and getting a root shell didn't help since then I was unable to remount
the hard disk as / where it should have been (e.g. to manipulate files
with programs relying on shared libraries).

Now I have some questions:

- How can I stop the boot process half-way to get a single-user root shell?

  All I did in terms of ^C, ^Q@(#*$& and Alt-any-key didn't help, regardless
  of where in the boot process I press them.

- Is there an equivalent to chroot in Debian Linux (I only can compare to
  BSD* here).

- When having a set of kernels how do I manage to get them all have their
  individual System.map?

- As a quick fix, could somebody of you please point me to a dpkg working
  under BSD*?

  I didn't manage to make the port yet, but that would enable
  me to read further documentation on the CD.

Thank you!



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