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Re: How to interrupt the boot process?

Hi Toni,

there may have been much more profound answers to your questions, bu t in
case, there were none, here is what I do when in trouble:
> Now I have some questions:
> - How can I stop the boot process half-way to get a single-user root shell?

At the beginning, just after your POST completes (BIOS checking the system),
hit CAPS LOCK once -> this is prerequisit for Lilo  to prompt you for
further input befor bootstraping Linux...

At the "Lilo: " prompt, you may alter some kernel-driver parameters, as well
as the init-behaviour.

the keyword "single" at the Lilo-prompt will bootstrap Linux in single-user
>   All I did in terms of ^C, ^Q@(#*$& and Alt-any-key didn't help, regardless
>   of where in the boot process I press them.

I don't know of such keypresses, that equal the SPARC Boot

> - Is there an equivalent to chroot in Debian Linux (I only can compare to
>   BSD* here).

Yes there is an equal chroot. I'd better cut&past portion of the man-page
     chroot - change root directory

     chroot newroot [command]

     The chroot command changes its root directory to the supplied directory
     newroot and exec's command, if supplied, or an interactive copy of your

     Note, command or the shell are run as your real-user-id.

     Note also that in the Debian GNU/Linux version only chroot(2) is
     In the original 4.4BSD-Lite version both chdir(2) and chroot(2) are

> - When having a set of kernels how do I manage to get them all have their
>   individual System.map?

don't know if you can...but it isn't critical during bootstraping.
Hope this helps.

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