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Re: How to interrupt the boot process?

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996 11:23:52 +0200 Toni Mueller (support@oeko.net) 

> - How can I stop the boot process half-way to get a single-user root shell?
>   All I did in terms of ^C, ^Q@(#*$& and Alt-any-key didn't help, regardless
>   of where in the boot process I press them.

Go to the lilo prompt (press SHIFT or ALT or CTRL) when the prompt 
Type `linux single' (or whatever name you've put) (press TAB to get a 
You should boot linux in single-user mode. Note that it will try to 
mount partitions.
If the above doesn't work, you can try `linux emergency' which will 
only boot the kernel and fork a shell. No init script is called. This 
should always work unless your root partition is unreadable and/or 
you screwed something up with the shared libraries.
In this last case, you can resort to using a boot/root disk. But 
`linux emergency' should work for you.

> - Is there an equivalent to chroot in Debian Linux (I only can compare to
>   BSD* here).

Yep, it's in /usr/sbin, and only root can use it.

> - When having a set of kernels how do I manage to get them all have their
>   individual System.map?

During the boot phase, before klogd is started, symlink it to one of 
your system.map-<version>.

> - As a quick fix, could somebody of you please point me to a dpkg working
>   under BSD*?

Er, don't know that one.


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