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Re: Two X questions

>>>>> On Fri, 17 May 1996 21:54:22 +1000 (GST), Alan Eugene Davis
>>>>> <adavis@kuentos.guam.net> said:

  Alan> 2.  Under X11 as it is configured on my 640 x 480 low end
  Alan> color LCD (Toshiba T1910), many applications I would like to
  Alan> use, such as xpaint, tgif, xfig, not to mention ghostview, run
  Alan> at a size that is large than the screen can show at once.

twm has a configuration option which is called MaxWindowSize or
something like that.  You might want to set this to 640x480 minus the
space needed for the borders.  This is just a kludge but it may work.
I'm not sure if such an option exists for fvwm.

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