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Re: Two X questions

Alan Eugene Davis wrote:

> 2.  Under X11 as it is configured on my 640 x 480 low end color LCD
> (Toshiba T1910), many applications I would like to use, such as
> xpaint, tgif, xfig, not to mention ghostview, run at a size that is
> large than the screen can show at once.  Is there something I can do

Standard in most X apps is a -geometry option, which lets you specify the
size and location of a window.  I don't know if it works for the
applications you mentioned.
What I would recommend is looking into the virtual desktop that twm or fvwm
can give you.  This is different from the virtual resolution that xfree86
gives you.  You'll still have the problem of the application being larger
than the physical screen, but you can have nearly unlimited (limited only by
RAM) desktop and window sizes.

> 3.  On mouses and lockups and switching from VC's to X11.  I am now
> sure that my problem with switching VC's has something to do with the
> inability to switch back and forth between two mouse setups.  When I
> don't run gpm, this problem (wherein the system seems to lock up after
> a switchover) is much reduced or often eliminated.  With the new gpm
> 1.06, the problem seems to have worsened for me.  

If you look at the man page for gpm, there is a section explaining how to
set it up with X.  It involves having gpm handle the mouse, and gpm
translates the data, then gives it to X.  I personally haven't gotten gpm
and X to work well together, maybe you'll have better luck.

					- John Larkin
					- jlarkin@hmc.edu

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