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Two X questions

There has been some helpful discussion of the setting up of X11.
Perhaps this is a good time to ask some of mine. 

1. How can I get the command C-g in emacs to work under X11 the same
as it does in a console?  Several times my machine or screen seemed to
lock up when I used this command three times.  In the (virtual, that
is) console, the emacs process is put into the background.  Can I
disable or enable something in emacs to prevent the lockup?  Can I do
something in X, likewise?

2.  Under X11 as it is configured on my 640 x 480 low end color LCD
(Toshiba T1910), many applications I would like to use, such as
xpaint, tgif, xfig, not to mention ghostview, run at a size that is
large than the screen can show at once.  Is there something I can do
to configure the size of an application?  (resolution problem?)   I
think this has nothing to do with virtual screen size and I think it
has nothing to do with the xresource for dimension.  For example, to
use tgif I will have to shift the virtual screen around to cover all
parts of the drawn surface, and again shift to get access to buttons.

This is a ubiqitous problem.  I am using the VGA16 server.  

3.  On mouses and lockups and switching from VC's to X11.  I am now
sure that my problem with switching VC's has something to do with the
inability to switch back and forth between two mouse setups.  When I
don't run gpm, this problem (wherein the system seems to lock up after
a switchover) is much reduced or often eliminated.  With the new gpm
1.06, the problem seems to have worsened for me.  

What could I do to eliminate this problem?

Alan Davis

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