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Re: un-stripped executables

On Sun, 19 May 1996, Scott Barker wrote:

> I just installed the debianized tin version 1.3 on my system, and the
> executable was 1.4Meg! I stripped it, which reduced it to about 500k,
> but that still seems large.

I've already reported this as a bug against tin.

tin was statically linked.  

Solution is to wait for a new release or get the source code and build
your own package.  Executable size shrinks down to around 250K.

> I'm just wondering how many more files aren't stripped, or are
> compiled with debugging options which waste space on a debian system.

quite a few packages (most?) are compiled with -g.  Some are linked with 
old versions of libs, some are static linked.

I think that the current developer guidelines say to compile with -g but 
strip the binary before uploading. 


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