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Re: New Upgrade notes for 1.1 beta testing

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Scott Barker wrote:

> I just went through a base upgrade from 0.93R6 to 1.1 using Dale Scheetz's
> upgrade notes. Before I begin upgrading anything else, I though I would make
> some comments.
> Firstly, things went very smoothly. However, there were some minor snags:
> 1) modconf depends on dialog, and I didn't have dialog installed. You might
>    want to alter your upgrade notes to reflect that, Dale. Or, perhaps the
>    debian maintainers can remove modconf from the base system, or include
>    dialog in the base system.
This is true. It was noted in my original pencil scrawl but failed to make
it to the final script (probably because it got "fixed" on the test bench)
I will add it back as a commented out line with a note in the base_list
file, thanks!

> 2) modules installs kerneld. This is broken on two levels:
>    a) kerneld doesn't seem to work with kernel 1.2.13, which I am currently
>       using, and I imagine most people are using since it's the stable
>       version (I see the version provided is 1.3.64 -- is it smart to offer a
>       development kernel on what's supposed to become a production system?)
>    b) the kerneld daemon is handled in *both* /etc/init.d/boot and it's own
>       /etc/init.d/kerneld script. I would imagine it should only have one
>       starting point, preferably in the boot script, since the
>       mount -avt nonfs  depends on the modules for filesystems (dos, sysv,
>       etc)
If you don't want to move to a higher level kernel, then you don't want to
upgrade modules, image, or source. You may not want to upgrade sysklogd
although I had no trouble with it.



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