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Re: New Upgrade notes for 1.1 beta testing

I just went through a base upgrade from 0.93R6 to 1.1 using Dale Scheetz's
upgrade notes. Before I begin upgrading anything else, I though I would make
some comments.

Firstly, things went very smoothly. However, there were some minor snags:

1) modconf depends on dialog, and I didn't have dialog installed. You might
   want to alter your upgrade notes to reflect that, Dale. Or, perhaps the
   debian maintainers can remove modconf from the base system, or include
   dialog in the base system.

2) modules installs kerneld. This is broken on two levels:
   a) kerneld doesn't seem to work with kernel 1.2.13, which I am currently
      using, and I imagine most people are using since it's the stable
      version (I see the version provided is 1.3.64 -- is it smart to offer a
      development kernel on what's supposed to become a production system?)
   b) the kerneld daemon is handled in *both* /etc/init.d/boot and it's own
      /etc/init.d/kerneld script. I would imagine it should only have one
      starting point, preferably in the boot script, since the
      mount -avt nonfs  depends on the modules for filesystems (dos, sysv,

3) "/etc/init.d/sysklogd reload" doesn't seem to work. I made changes to
   /etc/syslog.conf for my news system, did the reload, but syslogd didn't
   update itself. I had to 'killall -HUP syslogd' by hand.

4) I get a strange message from syslog at boot-time:
   May 12 04:28:30 galileo kernel: ps tried to do a shared writeable mapping
   I don't know what causes this message, or if it is important.

There were a few other inconveniences (as opposed to the above "bugs"):

1) The timezone setup is severely altered. I *liked* being in the
   Canada/Mountain timezone. Now my choices are SystemV/MST7MDT (correct, but
   not very pretty :) and America/Edmonton (and I absolutely *refuse* to have
   any reference to Edmonton in my setup -- I'm from Calgary, and we just
   don't get along with our northern neighbours :)

2) the 'console' terminfo entry is missing. I notice there is a replacement
   for it called 'linux'. The conXXxYY entries are also gone. All of this can
   be dealt with easily enough, but it was a bit of a pain to have to notice
   it the hard way. Also, /etc/termcap wasn't cleaned up, yet I assume it's
   not being used anymore, since it doesn't show up in the new base package.
   [Will there be any more orphaned files laying around after a 1.1 upgrade?]

3) it was a little awkward to merge in the old passwd and group files with the
   new one (I noticed some discussion on this already). Also, there are a
   number of new "users" which seem questionable in value (qmail*, amanda,
   www-data, postgres, gnats, and proxy[listed twice at uids=13 and 36]) --
   shouldn't most of these be added by their respective packages, rather than
   included in the base?

Anyway, overall, a very good job. Now, I'll start to upgrade things piece by
piece. Stay tuned for more progress reports :) I just hope that the new
sendmail has makemap and SMARTHOST fixed...

BTW, what's being done about the a.out libs? Will they be evolving, or are
they already at their final stage before extinction? Stupid Netscape still
requires them...

Scott Barker
Linux Consultant
http://www.cuug.ab.ca:8001/~barkers/   (under construction)

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