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1.1 setup for /dev/xconsole?

Can someone who has successfully installed 1.1 tell me what they get
with the following queries?

ls -l /dev/console
ls -l /dev/xconsole
ls -l /dev/tty0

My installation failed to put in /dev/xconsole, so I have to put it in
by hand. I tried:

mknod /dev/xconsole p
chmod 666 /dev/xconsole

so that my /dev/xconsole is:

prw-rw-rw-   1 root     root            0 May 12 18:55 /dev/xconsole

but `echo junk > /dev/xconsole` does not work with the error message
that /dev/xconsole already exists. (Redirecting with >> works.) The
main thing I do not understand is how /dev/xconsole is set up to capture 
messages written out from programs such as chat in verbose mode.

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