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Re: Sendmail Log

On Sat, 11 May 1996, Rob Leslie wrote:

> > Just a quick question. I was looking through the log for sendmail this
> > afternoon and noticed that it stopped recording where mail was comming
> > from and only recording who the mail is for.
> I'm not sure I understand the situation. Can you provide an excerpt of your
> sendmail log where this has occurred?
> Sendmail normally logs mail transfers as a two-line event, the first line
> indicating the sender and source statistics, and the next line indicating the
> destination and delivery status. These two lines can be separated,
> unfortunately, by other syslog events. But I don't have any idea yet what
> would cause sendmail to log one but not the other...

Here is an extract from the log files. You can see that there is only one 
line for each mail transfer. Its only displaying the stats for the 
destination. Any ideas ? This log file is the last 5 lines this morning 
and no activity for over 30mins for all entries should have been written 
to the log file.

May 12 08:01:25 intrepid sendmail[14726]: IAA14724: to=<jackies@intrepid.byteline.com.au>, delay=00:00:03, mailer=local, stat=Sent
May 12 08:13:04 intrepid sendmail[14758]: IAA14756: to=<jackies@intrepid.byteline.com.au>, delay=00:00:06, mailer=local, stat=Sent
May 12 08:21:05 intrepid sendmail[14783]: IAA14781: to=<andrews@intrepid.byteline.com.au>, delay=00:00:08, mailer=local, stat=Sent
May 12 08:23:23 intrepid sendmail[14788]: IAA14786: to=<jackies@intrepid.byteline.com.au>, delay=00:00:03, mailer=local, stat=Sent
May 12 08:37:21 intrepid sendmail[14799]: IAA14797: to=<jackies@intrepid.byteline.com.au>, delay=00:00:08, mailer=local, stat=Sent


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