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Re: Sendmail Log

>>>>> "R" == Rob Leslie <rob@mars.org> writes:

    >> Just a quick question. I was looking through the log for
    >> sendmail this afternoon and noticed that it stopped recording
    >> where mail was comming from and only recording who the mail is
    >> for.

    R> events. But I don't have any idea yet what would cause sendmail
    R> to log one but not the other...

During queue runs, sendmail only logs the address it tries to deliver
to. The sender address is logged only once, when sendmail receives the
message. So it can happen that the sender appears only once in the
logs while the recipient is listed for each queue run until a
successful delivery. Also, the two lines can get split if the dilivery
is slow while there is a lot of other acitivity which gets logged.

Also, if you send to a list of people, there is only one sender log,
but there will be one log entry for each recipient.

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