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Re: 1.1 fresh installation report

On Tue, 7 May 1996, Yves Arrouye wrote:

> - Xconsole is still not anywhere.

You mean the xconsole program, or the named pipe in /dev?  I think that
/dev/xconsole should be managed by the syslogd package, as the default
syslogd configuration refers to it. 

> - Having chosen my X server and answered all X config. questions, I
> still have XF86_NONE (or NOTHING?) in the Xserver file.

I don't know how this happens - I've never seen that problem before.

> - Having installed xdm, the xdm/Xservers file is not updated with an
> entry for my local server, though the comments in this file indicate
> it should be done by the installation program.

I knew about that problem, and I've fixed it in the latest xbase, version 

Steve Early

PS your return mail address seems to be incorrect; you'll probably only 
receive this message via the mailing list.

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