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1.1 fresh installation report


I just installed Debian 1.1: it installed fine, nice job! There are
some minor problems, though. Here is an incomplete (sorry...) list of
some problems I had while installing:

- When making a boot floppy, I inserted an unformated one, and it
failed; I used the shell in the second console to format it and
reselected the menu item, and the floppy was formatted again. I don't
know if it does that in any case, or just if the operation failed
previously, but in both cases it is unclear and the process would
profit from some explanations. (I'm not sure the first-time user will
know how to format the disk from a shell, and the dialog just asks for
a blank floppy, not a formatted one).

- A message saying that uname cannot be found appears while installing
(I don't remember where, sorry).

- Dselect lists package multiple times: in their regular sections, and
at the end on the listing (without sections). (I did not use a
PackagesMaster file, can it be the reason)?

- Xconsole is still not anywhere.

- Sendmail will not install properly without an existing sendmail.cf;
this is annoying since it blocks the proper installation of vm, inn,
gnats, and maybe others.

- While installing ppp, I get the message `shift count must be <= $#'.

- Having chosen my X server and answered all X config. questions, I
still have XF86_NONE (or NOTHING?) in the Xserver file.

- Having installed xdm, the xdm/Xservers file is not updated with an
entry for my local server, though the comments in this file indicate
it should be done by the installation program.

- /etc/initrunlvl is never created. How can I correct that? In
addition, is it correct to use it to check the run level we are in in
the /etc/rc.*d/* scripts? (I'd like to have xdm start only in runlevel
4, for example).

This aside, it works really well! Thanks.

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