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Re: xbase doesn't setup the server

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Carlos Carvalho wrote:

> I upgraded X to ELF from .99R6, and after going through xbase, xfnt*,
> xlib and some clients, xdm didn't start the server. I had to
> re-decipher all the mess of xdm which I obviously had forgotten :-(

This is fixed in xbase-3.1.2-9, uploaded today.

> I also have a suggestion about fonts: I thought I had installed all
> the xfnt*, but I had forgotten xfntbase... This means that the server
> stops when it doesn't find the font "fixed". Considering that I had
> those fonts in the previous installation and that something removed
> them, so it wasn't my fault, I think it'd be nice to have a dependency
> for xfntbase either in xserver or xfnt^base* (in zsh notation), or
> another suitable place.

No, a dependency is not the right thing to do; it is quite possible to 
run the X server without any fonts being installed. The idea of having 
non-base font packages depend on the base package is interesting, and 
I'll consider it for the future. It'll probably be reduced in strength to 
a "Recommends" line, though.

Steve Early

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