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Re: 1.1 fresh installation report

In article <199605070634.IAA00285@marin.fdn.fr>,
Yves Arrouye  <arrouye@marin> wrote:
>I just installed Debian 1.1: it installed fine, nice job! There are
>some minor problems, though. Here is an incomplete (sorry...) list of
>some problems I had while installing:
>- /etc/initrunlvl is never created. How can I correct that? In
>addition, is it correct to use it to check the run level we are in in
>the /etc/rc.*d/* scripts? (I'd like to have xdm start only in runlevel
>4, for example).

/etc/initrunlvl is not used anymore. If you want to find out the
runlevel, use the "runlevel" command. It prints out the previous
and current runlevel seperated by a space. In addition the /etc/init.d/rc
script sets the runlevel for you in the environment variable $runlevel.

Anyway, if you want xdm just to startup in runlevel 4, only
install the startup links in /etc/rc4.d and not in the other
rc?.d directories - that will take care of it.

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