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Re: 1.1 upg & libc - long

> Over the last few days, I have upgraded a (work) machine from
> 0.93r6 to 1.1 beta using Dale Scheetz's manual dpkg instructions.
> All went smoothly except for libc4. I upgraded dpkg from aout to
> elf & tried again with the results below. Any ideas ?
> thanks
> cm
> nb - After above, i patched the 1.2.13 kernel to elf, recompiled and
> rebooted ok... From memory, /lib contains the libc4 contents as expected.
> ----
> linux96:/home/debian# dpkg -i --force-conflicts unstable/devel/libc4-4.6.27-14.deb
> dpkg: considering removing libc in favour of libc4 ...
> libc is not properly installed - ignoring any dependencies on it.
> dpkg: yes, will remove libc in favour of libc4.
> (Reading database ... 13471 files and directories currently installed.)
> Unpacking libc4 (from unstable/devel/libc4-4.6.27-14.deb) ...
> ln: libc.so.4.6.27.save: No such file or directory
> ln: libm.so.4.6.27.save: No such file or directory
> ln: libcurses.so.0.1.2.save: No such file or directory
> ln: libdb.so.1.85.1.save: No such file or directory
> rm: linux: is a directory
> dpkg: error processing unstable/devel/libc4-4.6.27-14.deb (--install):
>  subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 1
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  unstable/devel/libc4-4.6.27-14.deb
> linux96:/home/debian#

Could you please retry this with dpkg 1.1.6.

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