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Re: Text fields

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Mike Patterson wrote:

> When I run a program in X with a text field, I can't backspace, tab, etc. 
> Netscape complains about a bunch of missing key definitions, for example. 
> Any ideas?
> --Mike

I pretty much gave up getting Delete to delete to the right, but I
understand most of the stuff is accomplishable via .xmodmap files, there is
a personal and a global one I think.  

Netscape has a README about this with the version(s) I got.  You need to
create a directory structure /usr/X386/lib/nls or something and move a
couple files there (or set an enviro string).

Also, you need to move the XKeysymDB that came with Netscrape over your old
one.  This seems odd to me, but it gets rid of the messages.

Of course, Netscape crashes a lot anyway :)

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