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Re: Text fields

> Netscape has a README about this with the version(s) I got.  You need to
> create a directory structure /usr/X386/lib/nls or something and move a
> couple files there (or set an enviro string).

Just install the motifnls package and set your XNLSPATH environment
variable to /usr/lib/X11/nls.

> Also, you need to move the XKeysymDB that came with Netscrape over your old
> one.  This seems odd to me, but it gets rid of the messages.

The xbase package already has a suitable XKeysymDB file.  Just set
your XKEYSYMDB environment variable to /usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB.

The reason netscape needs these environment variables set and other
programs don't is becuase it was built will old X libraries that
expect to find thing under /usr/X386.

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