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Re: Difference between debian and slackware

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Richard Kaszeta wrote:

> Dale wrote
> >
> >---------------------- From there, if you use dselect, it will help 
> >with the interdependancies and should provide you with as complete a 
> >system as you desire.
> A problem here is that the first time a user is presented with
> 'dselect' after an installation it can be a wee bit intimidating (it
> intimidates me and I've been using Debian a long time), enough so that
> I still use dpkg in preference to dselect...  Anyone out there know
> anything about good interface design? ( I unfortunately don't )
Well, although I agree with you somewhat (I'm somewhat of a control 
freak, so I use dpkg also). The major reason that I can see for working 
through all of the selection screens in dselect is that it DOES do a 
great job on the dependancy/conflicts issues. The original questioner 
seemed to have real problems with this issue so would probably be more 
comfortable with dselect. On the other hand, someone pointed out that all 
that info is in the Packages file, so, some paper and pencil and a little 
planning and you could do the same job with dpkg.

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