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Re: Packages

> dselect). Maybe there is same way of preparing .deb package from normal 
> one in usual .tgz format??
> Thanks in advance!

     Makeing .deb's is VERY simple.  Too bad dpkg-deb doesnt have a 
manual page.  Basically, to get an idea of what you have to do, use 
dpkg-deb -x to undo a random .deb into a temporary directory, then use 
dpkg-deb -e to extract the control information.  Take a look at the 
control file.  To sum it all you, you want to create a mini-dir heirarchy 
with a debian control file in it, then use dpkg-deb -b to create it, then 
you can just use dpkg -i to install it and you will hvae a database of 
everything.  Hope this help's ya some..


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