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Re: Difference between debian and slackware

Dale Scheetz (dwarf@polaris.net) wrote:
: On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Richard Kaszeta wrote:

: > Dale wrote
: > >
: > >---------------------- From there, if you use dselect, it will help 
: > >with the interdependancies and should provide you with as complete a 
: > >system as you desire.
: > 
: > A problem here is that the first time a user is presented with
: > 'dselect' after an installation it can be a wee bit intimidating (it
: > intimidates me and I've been using Debian a long time), enough so that
: > I still use dpkg in preference to dselect...  Anyone out there know
: > anything about good interface design? ( I unfortunately don't )
: > 
: Well, although I agree with you somewhat (I'm somewhat of a control 
: freak, so I use dpkg also). The major reason that I can see for working 
: through all of the selection screens in dselect is that it DOES do a 
: great job on the dependancy/conflicts issues. The original questioner 
: seemed to have real problems with this issue so would probably be more 
: comfortable with dselect. On the other hand, someone pointed out that all 
: that info is in the Packages file, so, some paper and pencil and a little 
: planning and you could do the same job with dpkg.

I am the original questioner and that dpkg sounds great. I am really intimidated
by complicated screen interfaces with unpredictable consequences ( I screwed up at
least 3 installation not counting the times I simply aborted dselect since I could 
not figure out how to convince that beast to install the package I needed).

I am very comfortable with all sorts of command line utilities.

Thanks for the tip.

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