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Unidentified subject!

From: jmr@everest.radiology.uiowa.edu (Joe Reinhardt)
To: Eric Schenk <schenk@cs.toronto.edu>
CC: debian-user@Pixar.com
Subject: Re: diald and pppd problems 
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References: <95Nov16.111514edt.15439@dvp.cs.toronto.edu>
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Eric Schenk wrote:
    ES> You might also try running diald with /dev/ttyS0 instead 
    ES> (this is a shot in the dark, but it's worth a try).

Switching to ttyS0 worked for me.  Unfortunately, now device locking
won't work with other programs that use the modem (term. emulators,
fax, etc.)

Anyway to get diald to lock both ttyS0 and cua0?

Thanks - Joe 


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