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Re: diald and pppd problems

Eric Schenk wrote:
> Hmm. There were some messages about this kind of problem floating
> around on the linux-ppp list a while back. I seem to recall two
> possible causes:
> (1) The new pppd is installed in a different place than the old,
>     are you sure diald is running the new pppd? Check the path
>     in config.h. [I expect this is not your problem, but check it
>     anyway]
> (2) There were reports of a problem when starting pppd from inittab.
>     This was a result of pppd relying on having a controling terminal,
>     which it does not when started from inittab. This problem may
>     be related to what you are seeing. The way the test code is
>     written the ppp_available routine would fail if it was run and it
>     could not actually open /dev/cua0.
>         Check the following:
>         the permissions on /dev/cua0.
>         that you are running diald as root.
>      You might also try running diald with /dev/ttyS0 instead (this is
>      a shot in the dark, but it's worth a try).
>      If any of this works I'll be happy to explain why :-)

Thanks for the help, Eric. I am now executing diald with /dev/ttyS0 and
it works very nicely. Now, how about the explanation?

Jeff Ebert

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