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Re: Debian 0.93R6 install

mortond@ccnet.com wrote:
> One other minor problem,
> I heeded the advice to use xdm to start X windows, tested it and then remembered why I found out I
> had to use startx....you can't kill the thing.
> C-A-B gives login:
> C-A-D is ignored
> C-anything is ignored
> Power off-on gives login:
> Fortunately I was going to re-install the system anyway.
> Beware xdm!!!

Yeah, pretty good security. You wouldn't want just anybody to kill your
xdm, would you?

You can always switch to another Virtual Console (VC) by hitting C-A-Fn,
where n is the number of the VC. Then, you can login as root and kill
xdm, if you feel the need.

Now that I have things reasonably configured, I log in from xdm every
time as myself and do my root stuff from a rxvt using su.

When I want to reboot, shutdown, or halt, I do it from within X.
Everything goes down nicely, including the wm, the current session, and

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