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Debian 0.93R6 install

Hi Bruce,

Hope you got some sleep the other day.
Its nice to have someone reply to pleas for help so quickly.

As you suggested modifying the boot disk got over the lack of LILO being available at boot time.
I added to the linux config file on the boot disk:
APPEND aha152x=0x340,11,7,1
APPEND root=/dev/sda2

Not only did this boot up the second hard drive but all the error messages went away!!
The only one left was the inability to load the Aztech cd... not surprising since I don't have one.
Also git popped up in glowing color, so I can wait a while for mc Not too long I hope.

One other minor problem,
I heeded the advice to use xdm to start X windows, tested it and then remembered why I found out I 
had to use startx....you can't kill the thing.
C-A-B gives login:
C-A-D is ignored
C-anything is ignored
Power off-on gives login:
Fortunately I was going to re-install the system anyway.
Beware xdm!!!

Thanks again for the time/help, I am SURE I will be writing again.

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