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Installation etc

Well, first the basics: The machine is a Pentium 75, with 16 meg of memory.
The hard drive is a 540 meg drive with a 520 meg partition for Linux and a
19 meg partition for swap. All work done on these partitions was done with
software downloaded from ftp.debian.org. The base installation went
flawlessly (unlike the installation downloaded from tamu) but in installing
some packages I get tar errors. When installing xbase-3 I get many messages
tar: Could not create symlink to ../Xsession: File exists
The package fails to install. What to do?
I have been very pleased to see that the kernel was able to see my CD rom
drive. I have the Adaptec scsi card and the Phillips CDD 522 CDR. I have
been able to mount the drive using:
mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /cdrom
If I mount the drive with a CD that was written by the drive in mounts fine
and I have no problem reading files from the disk. However, if I put a
commercial CD (like my Linux Developers Resource CD) I get the error:
mount: wrong fs type or bad superblock on /dev/scd0
Is this a time for the cruft option? How is it used?
Finally, I can't seem to find the manual pages for dpkg. Any ideas?
YHS Dale

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