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Re: X Window

Jose Luis Trivino wrote:
>         He estado revisando todos los ficheros de /etc y no he
> encontrado nada que sirva para algo parecido. 

No viene de serie, lo tienes que crear tú

De man shutdown:

       -a     Use /etc/shutdown.allow.


  If shutdown  is  called with the -a argument (add this to the
invocation of shutdown in /etc/inittab), it checks to  see if  the file
/etc/shutdown.allow is present.  It then compares the login names in
that file with the list of people that are logged in in a virtual
console  (from /var/run/utmp). Only if one of those authorized  users 
or root  is  logged  in,  it  will proceed. Otherwise it will write the

 shutdown: no authorized users logged in


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