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Re: Multi-mount eines NFS

Am 24.12.2017 um 20:12 schrieb g:
> DebianLive ist mir zu gross. Es wuerde lange benoetigen um alle
> Maschinen hochzufahren was haeufiger vorkommen kann (Strom weg).

Debian-Live zu groß? Irgendwas machst Du falsch. Ein Debian-Live
-Squashfs mit einem Minimalsystem (keine GUI) hat bei mir knapp unter
200MB. Noch dazu musst Du es nicht komplett ins RAM laden, wenn Du
"httpfs" statt "fetch" als Bootparameter verwendest.

man live-boot sagt:


    Another  form  of  netboot  by  downloading a squashfs image from a
    given URL.  The fetch method copies the image to RAM and the httpfs
    method  uses  FUSE and httpfs2 to mount the image in place. Copying
    to RAM requires more memory and might take a long  time  for  large
    images.  However,  it  is  more likely to work correctly because it
    does not require networking  afterwards  and  the  system  operates
    faster  once  booted  because  it  does  not require to contact the
    server anymore.
    Due to current limitations in busybox's wget and DNS resolution, an
    URL can not contain a hostname but an IP address only.
    Not working: http://example.com/path/to/your_filesystem.squashfs
    Also  note  that  therefore it's currently not possible to fetch an
    image from a name-based virtualhost of an httpd if  it  is  sharing
    the IP address with the main httpd instance.
    You may also use the live ISO image in place of the squashfs image.


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