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Re: "keine mailbox" - fetchmail + procmail + mutt

Am 2005-03-05 11:51:59, schrieb Andreas Pakulat:

> man fetchmailrc, expunge gilt auch für POP3 ;-) 

Schon mal den overhead gesehen ?

Mach bei ner 30.000 Message POP3 Box ein "expunge 5" und
Du kannst Dir nen Schuß geben, denn nach jedem "expunge"
macht er ein quit und Du mußt die Mailbox neu öffnen...

Guck mal in die RFC's...

Niemand wird Dir "expunge" bei POP3 empfehlen, weil es
einfach nicht für POP3 gemacht wurde.

Aus der:

  __( manpage 'fetchmailrc' )___________________________________________
| fetchmail(1)                                         fetchmail(1)


|        -e <count> | --expunge <count>
|               (keyword: expunge) Arrange for deletions to be made
|               final after a given number of messages.  Under POP2
|               or POP3,  fetchmail  cannot  make  deletions  final
                   ^^^^              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|               without sending QUIT and ending the session -- with
|               this option on, fetchmail will break  a  long  mail
|               retrieval  session into multiple subsessions, send­
|               ing QUIT after each sub-session.  This  is  a  good
|               defense  against line drops on POP3 servers that do
|               not do the equivalent of a QUIT on  hangup.   Under
|               IMAP,  fetchmail normally issues an EXPUNGE command
|               after each deletion in order to force the  deletion
|               to  be  done immediately.  This is safest when your
|               connection to the server is flaky and expensive, as
|               it  avoids  resending  duplicate  mail after a line
|               hit.  However, on large mailboxes the  overhead  of
|               re-indexing after every message can slam the server
|               pretty hard, so if your connection is  reliable  it
|               is  good to do expunges less frequently.  Also note
|               that some servers enforce a delay of a few  seconds
|               after  each  quit,  so fetchmail may not be able to
|               get back in immediately after an expunge -- you may
|               see  "lock  busy"  errors  if  this happens. If you
|               specify this option  to  an  integer  N,  it  tells
|               fetchmail  to  only  issue  expunges  on  every Nth
|               delete.  An argument of  zero  suppresses  expunges
|               entirely  (so no expunges at all will be done until
|               the end of run).  This option does  not  work  with
|               ETRN or ODMR.


|                                                      fetchmail(1)

Also bei POP2/POP3 alles andere als zu empfehlen...

> Andreas


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