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Re: Question From Brazil (fwd)

> I'm a medical physics PhD student from Physics and Mathematics Department,
> University of São Paulo - USP, Brazil. I'm working with image distributed
> systems. I have a Sun Ultra 1 (166MHz, 120MBytes, DAT Device, CDRom, Floppy,
> 17"monitor) with Solaris 2.5.1. I want to change the OS to some Linux (Sun
> recomends Red Hat, Caldera or Debian).

I'm a high energy physics PhD student from the Physics Department, State
University of New York at Stony Brook.  I also have a Sun Ultra 1 (143 MHz,
128 MB, CDRom, 21" monitor) which came with Solaris.  I booted Solaris long
enough to make sure that the hardware worked, then wiped the machine clean
and installed Debian Linux.

> I'm wondering, what do you say about using Linux on Sun Ultra 1? Is it good?

It's wonderful.  I highly recommend it.

> Do you know where I can find some docs?

You're a medical physics student.  You should be surrounded by docs!

<sorry, couldn't resist that one>

> I'm using Linux (Red Hat and
> Mandrake) on PCs, but I never installed Linux on SPARCs.

If you're most familiar with RH and Mandrake, then you might want to consider
them for your Ultra.  I don't have any experience with RH on Sparc, so, I
can't advise you either way on that issue.  I can tell you that Debian is
really the best distribution, IMO, and if you're willing to learn some of
its quirks, you'll be quite happy with it in the long run.

I believe the URL for the Debian Sparc installation documentation has
already been posted.

I will say that everything on my Ultra 1 seems to work perfectly with the
exception of audio, which has some issues remaining to be solved.  I'm told
these issues have been solved in the unstable kernels, but I haven't had
much luck running 2.3 series kernels for Sparc.


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