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Re: Question From Brazil (fwd)

Ivan Torres Pisa <ivanpisa@imagcom.ffclrp.usp.br> writes:

> I'm a medical physics PhD student from Physics and Mathematics Department,
> University of São Paulo - USP, Brazil. I'm working with image distributed
> systems. I have a Sun Ultra 1 (166MHz, 120MBytes, DAT Device, CDRom, Floppy,
> 17"monitor) with Solaris 2.5.1. I want to change the OS to some Linux (Sun
> recomends Red Hat, Caldera or Debian).
> I'm wondering, what do you say about using Linux on Sun Ultra 1? Is it good?
> Do you know where I can find some docs? I'm using Linux (Red Hat and
> Mandrake) on PCs, but I never installed Linux on SPARCs.

Whilst I haven't actually managed to get Debian going on sparc (yet,
mainly due to lack of hardware :), I thought I should reply to this
given that someone else said that it isn't available.

Go to this web page:


It has installation instructions and release notes for slink, which
will run on an Ultra 1.  You should be able to run either the Sparc
port or the UltraSparc port, but only the sparc port was released with
Slink.  The UltraSparc port will be a bit faster but possibly isn't
ready for prime time yet.  Perhaps someone will step in and correct me
here :)

Installation instructions for SPARC (in Portugese):


Release notes:


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