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Re: Question From Brazil (fwd)

Tuan Le <Tuan.Le@eng.sun.com> writes:

> I have never used Debian Linux yet so I am not sure it is available
> for Sparc.

Yes, it's been out since last March.

> However I am using Linux RetHat 6.0 on various Sparc
> platforms, including Ultra 1. It is very good, stable...

I run Debian/SPARC on my Ultra5.  There are no different issues with
the Ultra1.  There are a few gotchas on installation which I can send
to you if you need them.  These will be fixed in the upcoming potato
release (probably mid-Feb, but no promises).

> You can download RetHat 6.0 from redhat.com for many mirror sites.
> The RedHat 6.1 for Sparc is not available yet, but very soon.

That reminds me.  A real benefit of running Debian as opposed to
RedHat is upgradability.  RedHat doesn't have the software coverage or
the robust (i.e., been around for 5 years) upgradability that Debian

Debian and RedHat are positioned a little different -- RedHat, and
it's spawn such as Mandrake, IMHO, is more geared towards Win95 type
users.  Debian is more geared towards experienced Unix users who want
the benefit of a community-driven, 400-developer community behind
them.  It's true that Debian is much much larger than RedHat -- in a
way, that means that it can be a little intimidating to new users, and
that our release cycles are quite long.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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