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Re: Question From Brazil (fwd)

> I'm wondering, what do you say about using Linux on Sun Ultra 1? Is it good?
> Do you know where I can find some docs? I'm using Linux (Red Hat and
> Mandrake) on PCs, but I never installed Linux on SPARCs.
I have never used Debian Linux yet so I am not sure it is available
for Sparc. However I am using Linux RetHat 6.0 on various Sparc
platforms, including Ultra 1. It is very good, stable...

You can download RetHat 6.0 from redhat.com for many mirror sites.
The RedHat 6.1 for Sparc is not available yet, but very soon.

Tuan Le
S/W Manager
Sun Microelectronics
Phone: (408) 328-8886

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