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Question From Brazil (fwd)

I don't run Debian on ultra because I don't have access to one of them ;((
I therefore forwarded this email to debian-ultralinux which is IMO the best place to
get answers.  Is there someone on the list who wants to reply to him ?


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Hello, Professor Eric Delaunay.

First at all, sorry for sending your a direct e-mail. I found your name in
the Debian page. It's difficult to find information about Linux + SPARC. So,
I decided to write you. :)))

I'm a medical physics PhD student from Physics and Mathematics Department,
University of São Paulo - USP, Brazil. I'm working with image distributed
systems. I have a Sun Ultra 1 (166MHz, 120MBytes, DAT Device, CDRom, Floppy,
17"monitor) with Solaris 2.5.1. I want to change the OS to some Linux (Sun
recomends Red Hat, Caldera or Debian).

I'm wondering, what do you say about using Linux on Sun Ultra 1? Is it good?
Do you know where I can find some docs? I'm using Linux (Red Hat and
Mandrake) on PCs, but I never installed Linux on SPARCs.

Thank you very much about your attention

Ivan Torres Pisa
Portal Brasileiro de Física Médica
Ivan Torres Pisa, PhD Student
ImagCom - Image Computing and Communication
Medical Physics - FFCLRP - USP - Brazil
Office: (16) 602-3773
ICQ: 2744613

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