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Re: Unidentified subject!

DE VOLDER Fabrice <fabrice.devolder@cegetel.fr> writes:

> Boot device: /sbus/SUNW, fdtwo  File and args:
> Track 0 reported when on track 2.
> Evaluating: boot floppy
> Can't open boot device.

"boot floppy" problems come up on this list often, check the archives;
this problem may be the same as one other people frequently report
that is a problem with the hardware.

I don't know if this will work, but you could try using dd under
Solaris (or Linux, for that matter) to copy the floppy to a disk
slice, then boot off that:

# dd if=resc1440.bin of=/dev/dsk/c0t3d0s5 (or whatever)
# halt
type  'go' to resume
ok boot disk:e

Hope that helps.
Sam Vilain, sam@vilain.net        WWW: http://www.vilain.net/~sam/
GPG public key: http://www.vilain.net/~sam/gpgkey.txt

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