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Re: [Mark (Mookie) <mark@zang.com>] [solaris packages] Solaris 7 SPARC 64bit packages available

> >And no, I cannot recommend gcc-2.95 for -m64 even on Solaris, it just does
> >not work correctly. I've spent last few weeks burried into gcc, binutils,
> >glibc and believe me a couple of weeks is still needed.
> Well last estimates put it at a working toolchain by end of summer?
> Doesn't alpha also do 64 bit?  How do they deal with it?

Yes, alpha is 64bit. Just FYI what I'm doing right now:

- 128 bit long double support for glibc - there is none, I need to write
  still all elementary functions and some other stuff and fix printf_fp,
  other things seem to work after some days of hacking already
- debugging the SUBREG changes of gcc (180k of patches) - still some bugs left.
  This was needed because sparc64 has word size 64 bits, but still has some
  directly addressable 32bit registers (SFmode floats). Without that patch,
  you will not be able to compile glibc at all (will barf on complex
  functions and miscompile a lot of things)
- after a quick hack for _Qp_ library calls (for the long double arithmetics
  as SYSV sparc64 ABI mandates) in gcc I need to write some better solution
  (those functions take pointers to long doubles and not long doubles
  themselves, gcc does not support this for library functions and one does not
  want to move the values around the stack like mad) - no architecture
  I know of has library functions which would not take the values
- some solution for already promoted registers if combiner knows about
  specific high bits to be zero or copy of sign bits to kill redundant
  sign/zero extends (this requires substantial changes in the combiner
  and some solution for reload as otherwise a variable could go temporarily
  to the stack and loose bits compiler depends on)
- R_SPARC_OLO10 support for gas (this is two addend relocation type, again
  unique as bfd supports just one addend or none at all).
- fix the gcc scheduler (there are many deficiencies and basically you don't
  want to compile anything with it).

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