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Re: idempotency and modularity of tpm2deb-bin.pl

On Mon, 19 Mär 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> > Hm, thinking about it, there's a reason why I did that, and that is the
> > fact that @configfiles is a variable with file-wide scope and no
> > indication that it is package specific.  I think it would be clearer if
> > we use a hash of array references: @{$configfiles{$package}}.
> Done that, package builds fine, debian/texlive-base-bin/DEBIAN/preinst
> contain invocations of handle_config_file_preinst,
> texlive-metapost/DEBIAN/preinst, for example, does not.


> So I'll check in the change.  There's one bug though, but that doesn't
> depend on the change:  No config_file_handle_$type in postrm and
> postinst.

What is the bug?

Best wishes


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