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Re: [ubuntu-science] Ubuntu patches for DDs

On Thu, Jun 08, 2006 at 11:17 -0700, Jordan Mantha wrote:

> Right now I've tried to add packages
> that are of interest specifically to scientists. [1] is a list that
> includes those packages. If you guys can suggest other packages that are
> especially critical for us to track please let me know and I can try to
> add them since I don't think anyone else in particular is tracking TeX
> packages in general. 
> [1] http://tiber.tauware.de/~laserjock/misc_list.html

With respect to TeX related packages I would add the tetex-base and
tetex-bin as well as tex-common. Since there won't be any new teTeX
releases, it would be good to also include the texlive-* packages, once
they hit unstable. Other packages that are worth watching are auctex and
lmodern. Since you already watch latex-beamer, it might make sense to
also look for pgf.

> Yeah, I totally agree that we need to have accurate bug information. My
> problem has been that I just simply don't have enough in-depth knowledge
> of TeX to be of much help. I'm pretty much just a generic LaTeX user
> (for writing dissertation and research papers).

Even on that level there are some bugs that could need some attention.
For example, there is one bug where words with non-ASCII charcters are
not hyphenated. The solution to this can be found in 


In addition, 


is useful.

> What I would like is to
> be able to contact you guys (since you know the packages way more than
> me) if I'm unsure of anything. Any objections to that?

I am with Frank on this. I see no problem with questions on the inner
working of the packages. 

> The only problem
> is that some of the Ubuntu TeX packages are in the Main repository
> (tetex-base, tetex-bin, and a few others). I can't directly upload those
> since I'm only a Universe maintainer. I can however attach patches or
> bug Main devs :-) . Anyway, just some thoughts.

I think this would be very helpful. I think issues like the tetex-base
bug concerning hyphenation could be avoided that way.


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