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Re: testing group -- please test the documentation

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Ron wrote:

> > > 	most new installers install from a cd
> > At home, yes...
> Hi All,
> consider this purely FYA, if not simply gonzo - I'll defend no claim to it being a valid generalisation ;-) but my friends and I had a little chuckle about this claim in the hamm distribution.
> Mainly because it was our own experience that a floppy install ( and large doses of ftp ) was in fact the most reliable and painless way to successfully install hamm, at least on 'old' hardware ( ie. 486's and non-atapi cdroms ), despite claims of just the opposite in the install docs.. ;-)

I tend to agree.

The only time I have had to re-download floppy images was with bo, I later
realized that the floppies were OK, I was the one screwing things up.

Perhaps the `floppies are the most unreliable media...' 
(not that I disagree), should be toned down so that it is a little less
scary.  Maybe something along the lines of... `In those few cases where
the distribution media was found to be the cause of an installation
failure, redownloading [oh ya, good word] onto a fresh diskette solved the



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