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Re: testing group -- please test the documentation

> > 	most new installers install from a cd
> At home, yes...

Hi All,

consider this purely FYA, if not simply gonzo - I'll defend no claim to it being a valid generalisation ;-) but my friends and I had a little chuckle about this claim in the hamm distribution.

Mainly because it was our own experience that a floppy install ( and large doses of ftp ) was in fact the most reliable and painless way to successfully install hamm, at least on 'old' hardware ( ie. 486's and non-atapi cdroms ), despite claims of just the opposite in the install docs.. ;-)

But perhaps relevant to here is the thought that many people may in fact try debian from an online download before they commit to buying a CD, after all not only are they often making a big step from the OS their box probably came packaged with, but they may also be deciding between a number of available linux distributions..  ( excepting of course those who get it rammed down their throats by enthusiastic friends, but the install docs in that case will be secondary to the preferred ( and probably well tested ) methods of their friends/benefactors ;-)

Their upgrades will almost certainly come from online.. in our experience at least, a set of CD's are a great (and cheap, fast..) offline archive, but debian *lives* online.  ( and it always seems easier to explain ftp and bad package recovery to someone, than something like, what we mean by "potato is 'unstable'" - after all, many 'new installers' already have firm concepts of both.. ) 

anyhow, thats probably 2c worth by now.. don't send it in cash, micropayments are something else greedy idiots screwed up.  And if you haven't heard me say it before - Heartfelt THANKS.  To all who've thus contributed.


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