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Re: testing group -- please test the documentation

Thank you for your ansver,
you made a very good point there (see *a* below, HMH vs. tutorial).
Maybe we should split it in two documents, one printer ready HMH and one

May I try my hands on the HMH thing?

If so, it's requirements will be:
	1, it should be printer ready, you'll need a paper copy of it
	   during install
	2, it must be easy for the reader to syncronize between the screen
	   and the paper
	3, fit in a Linux course

It will handle theese choises:
	1, media: cdrom, nfs and ftp
	2, profiles: BASIC and Standard Workstation

Are theese the right cases and requirments?
What channel is the best to discuss theese issues?

See you,

Karl Hammar		Aspö Data		karl@kalle.csb.ki.se
Lilla Aspö 2340		0173 140 57
S-742 94 Östhammar	070 511 97 84		Professionella Linuxlösningar

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Saturday 9 January 1999, at 23 h 5, 
> "Karl B. Hammar" <karl@kalle.csb.ki.se> wrote:
> > Well lets doit then. (assuming cdrom on /dev/hdc)
> > Step one, choose a profile.
> This looks like more a HOWTO style. Actually, this is a fundamental choice, 
> not just for this section. Should the documentation be an HMH (hold my hand) 
> or a tutorial, which has to be digested by the user before use? Advices? The 
> current installation document mixes the two styles, IMHO.
> --
> http://www.debian.org/~bortz/

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