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Re: Call for Agenda and Date for debian.ch AGM 2010

On Thursday 15 April 2010 22.13:11 Iustin Pop wrote:
> So my question is, would there be a reason to become member of the AGM?
> The web page doesn't tell very much…

AGM == our yearly meeting, so you can't become member of that.  you meant 
member of the debian.ch which is the association.

You get the famous voting powers.  So in terms of benefit, it's probably not 
worth it.  But OTOH I think it's good if many DD in Switzerland are formal 
members, since we then have a better claim to represent Debian in 
Switzerland.  (And: membership doesn't cost anything.)

The debian.ch association was founded mainly as a legal container to hold 
assets (money, debian.ch domain, possibly other stuff in future) for Debian.  
Previously, money was held in private accounts by a few people, and while I 
don't think Martin would ever have escaped to the Bahamas with the Debian 
money (it wasn't that much, in any case), it's clearly better to have it 
legally sorted out in this way.

All other stuff (community mailing list, events, ...) is basically 
independent.  The debian.ch board may decide to fund some stuff, but I don't 
think it should matter if the people involved are member in debian.ch.  
Since the Debian community is not huge, it's always more or less the same 
pople who are involved, and they're likely to be the same people who also 
form the debian.ch association, but that's just incidental.

And then, as Didier said, there's the Fondue :-)  (After missing the last 
assembly, I certainly plan to attend once more in January.)

-- vbi

> So, basically, Hurd continues as it always has: spinning its wheels
> while accomplishing nothing much?
Ya, but it can spin each wheel individually!
        -- lwn forum discussion

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