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Re: ISPs in Switzerland

Axel Beckert wrote:
martin f krafft schrieb am Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 06:41:54PM +0100:
It wouldn't surprise me if a bunch of us approached init7, that
they'd be ready to pass out static IPs for our subscriptions without
making much of a fuss about it.

IIRC there is a discount at Init7 for LUGS members (Fredi is also a
LUGS member) where you can get ADSL with static IPs for the price of
dynamic IPs or something similar.

url? i remember having heard of a special offer as well but i can't recall the details..

in general, i'd actually prefer supporting a smaller isp like e.g. init7. so far, they just didn't offer the same speed per frank as cablecom does (for non-business customers). any chance this will change in the near future?

Btw, if you're interested in ISP stuff, http://blogg.ch is worth
tossing into your RSS reader.

BTDT. :-)

dito ;)



Daniel Mettler                        http://www.numlock.ch/news/

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