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Re: [Ca] Ruby team sprint -- Paris, Feb 3rd-7th 2020

Hi Sam,

> I think you are going to be the most expensive sprint this year.  If
> there are any people or companies who explicitly benefit from Ruby in
> Debian, it might be worth reaching out to them and asking them to donate
> to Debian.  That said, it looks like some of the people who have the
> most expensive travel are some of the people who most need to get there.
> It's not at all clear that having the sprint in either India or Brazil
> would have reduced costs significantly.

Thanks for your answer. I realize that this is indeed an expensive
event. I wasn't expecting so many participants at first, as for the
other editions we were about half that size (6 or 7).

> Approved.
> I'm assuming that a lot of the travel is reimbursed by SPI not by Debian
> France?
> 12,000 EUR would be a good chunk of the money they hold for us.

> I'd definitely rather see the plane tickets for India and Brazil travel
> come out of SPI.

We will then go through SPI for the reimbursement of plane tickets from
Indian and Brazil, and contact some companies to try to get some
sponsoring from them, to decrease the costs for the Debian project.

Best regards,


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