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Re: Re: Re: Ruby team sprint -- Paris, Feb 3rd-7th 2020

Dear Sam,

Thanks again for the preapproval of the budget for the Ruby sprint,
which is now approaching very quickly.

The team is pleased that two or three members of the team (from Europe)
managed to find free time to join the sprint in Paris, in addition to
the number of people I indicate before. They are not all registered on
the wiki page yet.


Unfortunately, this, plus the fact that some plane tickets turned out to
be more expensive than expected, I should ask an extension of the
budget. The enveloppe needed to cover travel+housing for the team, will
be more of the order of 11,000 or 12,000 euros, instead of the 9,000 I
asked before.

I hope this is not a problem. Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,


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