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Re: [Ca] Ruby team sprint -- Paris, Feb 3rd-7th 2020

Le mardi 21 janvier 2020 à 07:29:39-0500, Sam Hartman a écrit :
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> >>>>> "Cédric" == Cédric Boutillier <boutil@debian.org> writes:
>     Cédric> The team is pleased that two or three members of the team (from Europe)
>     Cédric> managed to find free time to join the sprint in Paris, in addition to
>     Cédric> the number of people I indicate before. They are not all registered on
>     Cédric> the wiki page yet.
> Please get them to register.
>     Cédric> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Ruby/Meeting/Paris2020
>     Cédric> Unfortunately, this, plus the fact that some plane tickets turned out to
>     Cédric> be more expensive than expected, I should ask an extension of the
>     Cédric> budget. The enveloppe needed to cover travel+housing for the team, will
>     Cédric> be more of the order of 11,000 or 12,000 euros, instead of the 9,000 I
>     Cédric> asked before.
> I think you are going to be the most expensive sprint this year.  If
> there are any people or companies who explicitly benefit from Ruby in
> Debian, it might be worth reaching out to them and asking them to donate
> to Debian.  That said, it looks like some of the people who have the
> most expensive travel are some of the people who most need to get there.
> It's not at all clear that having the sprint in either India or Brazil
> would have reduced costs significantly.
> Approved.
> I'm assuming that a lot of the travel is reimbursed by SPI not by Debian
> France?
> 12,000 EUR would be a good chunk of the money they hold for us.
> I'd definitely rather see the plane tickets for India and Brazil travel
> come out of SPI.

12k€ is roughly 31.4 % of the project's funds that Debian France is
holding. That excludes some donations we received recently and for which
I have to get more intel from the donor about whether it's supposed to
go in our own funds or the project's one.

If you'd like it, we could discuss with the administration board of
Debian France whether it's possible to allocate the additional 2/3k €
from our own budget. Currently we have around 16.000 € for our own funds
on the bank accounts (a little more, but some expenses are to be done) +
3.800 € in a cashdesk. It'd be a high expense but it's something we can
afford, and the association's goal is to promote the Project, and that
seems a good way to do so. No guarantee here, as I can't decide that on
my own, of course!

But I agree, if we could find some sponsors it'd be great.

With best regards,

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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